About Us

Thank you so much for visiting our shop! 

We love being able to provide you with unique ways to show off your own unique style, while bringing a smile to your face. 

Shop Kako was born out of the idea that life is meant to be fun.

We are a team of creative, kind and happy people who share a common interest in all things cute. 

We create or curate everything with smiles and good vibes, using ideas that we find fun and interesting with a hope that it will make you smile! These are all products that we ourselves have, or would love to wear or have in our homes and are genuinely excited about. 

We love what we do and we hope is shows!!! We play every day to make Shop Kako a happy and welcoming place for all of our friends!

The name Shop Kako is inspired by the Japanese word "kako" and the word "shop." The first half of our name, "shop" represents a special place for you to enjoy all-around cute products.. The second half of our name, "kako," means summer rainbow representing that we can live in a colorful world where we embrace our (and others) individuality.

Please rest knowing that all of our products are backed up by our 100% happiness guarantee.

So... have fun and happy shopping!

Your Shop Kako Friends